Me and Barbara Palvin Welcome You To a New Week (Maybe That’s Barbara Palvin and I)

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bill-swift - November 3, 2014

Fancy things are afoot at Egotastic! The kind of things where I might need to invest in a new suit. At least some fresher graphic tees. I've been sworn to secrecy. As in, eff you, don't you dare tell any one. I frighten easily. I'll share with you the details as soon as I know my mom has been freed safely from her Acapulco kidnapper's cabana.

In the meanwhile, women who happen to look pretty damn amazing such as Barbara Palvin continue to be only two steps away from my clutches. Granted, those two steps are ten million dollars and the world's perfect two-day facial growth, both of which elude me at the moment. But I've turned my fate over to the gods of the sextastic, assuming that if I keep sharing  the world's hottest women with al of you that someday karma will come and drop a girl like Barbara right in my morning Nutella. I keep an extra large tub for this precise purpose.

I am blessed to have the most loyal, scientifically proven smartest, and less scientifically proven best looking audience on the Internet. I never forget that. It inspires me like Bruce Lee playing Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. Welcome to November.