McDonalds Offers New Way for Foreign Customers to Clog Their Arteries

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bill-swift - August 8, 2012

If you're one of the lucky Egotastic! readers who frequent the local Manilla McDonalds in the Philippines, known there as McDo, then you're in for a special treat when McDonald's brings it's 'twister fries' back on the market this week, leading many Americans to speculate they may soon be arriving on our shores.

McDonald's and other fast food restaurants generally test out new products in foreign markets before bringing them home. So this is good news to all you McDonalds groupies out there, or as I call them, McChicks. Because if you're like me, you're just bored and over fries that aren't twisted around in the shape of a pubic hair. But while the curly fries may possibly soon be available in the United States, there are still dozens of products that the hamburger joint sells exclusively internationally. 

Check out the gallery to see what joins the Royale with cheese as our favorite foreign McDonald's offerings.

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