Maybe the World is Ending Tomorrow and Maybe These Are Five Movies You Didn’t Know Were About the Apocalypse

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bill-swift - December 21, 2012

If you believe in the world according to the Mayans, then today is your last day on Earth because the world is ending tomorrow--also that it's okay to commit human sacrifice to the loser of the handball game you play at the foot of your pyramid. But people haven't been the fired up about doomsday since Y2K and we all know how that turned out. For me it was that, yes, I was still alive, but I now had a bunker stocked with $4k of bottled water and $10k of canned tuna, which means that's all I've eaten for the last 12 years (God I wish I'd ponied up for some mayo).

So to celebrate the end of the world, we wanted to give you guys five movies to watch to get you in the holiday doomsday spirit. Now not just any five movies--five movies you didn't realize were actually about the end of the world. Because if there's one thing you want just before the entire world evaporates from under your feet, it's to be mind-f*cked.

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