Max’s Sarcastic Life Hacks Will Waste Your Time (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 12, 2013

Most life hacks aren't really life hacks. They're more like life traps. If you've actually tried doing a few because the presenter made it sound oh-so-good and seemingly so simple, then you'll get what we mean.

Most of these so-called hacks actually just complicate things. No bottle opener? Simple. Buy one, order one from Amazon, or borrow one from your neighbor instead of using a bike or another bottle to get it open. Max of Hey Sticks is disenchanted with life hacks, too, so he went and made a video with a bunch of life hacks to show what a hack most of them are.

It's a pretty roundabout way of making a point, but nonetheless, he still manages to. I guess you can call that another hack.

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