Maxim Models Madi Edward and Amelia Jane Pose For Each Other In Sexy Bikini Photos

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elliot-wolf - June 12, 2018

My, my. Madi Edward and her plus one Amelia Jane are the hottest pair I’ve seen since the two fresh from the griddle flapjacks that I prepared for myself earlier this morning. Madi looks sweeter than any syrup I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in my pie hole. I’d ask for a second serving of her but her friend Amelia is more than enough. Double trouble? I think so. These two are so hot together that it should be outlawed for them to stand next to each other. How do they expect me to continue to be productive when such a beautiful sight is right before my eyes. Together they possess the power to make the entire world come to a halt. Who wouldn’t want to stop to watch a wonderful sight like these two.

I’m ready to Tarzan my way to whichever jungle they’re taking pictures in. I can be there as a bodyguard or emotional support person. Or just to hold the camera and make posing suggestions. I know being beautiful is hard and my goal is to lessen the load. Either way I just want to be close to them. I can even ensure that they safely return to civilization unharmed by any wild animal.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA