Looks Like the Guy Who Bangs Claudia Schiffer (And Was Rumored to Have Knocked Up January Jones) Will Be Directing ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

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bill-swift - November 29, 2012

So take this with a grain of salt but while out promoting Seven Psychopaths, Jason Flemyng, who's appeared in most movies Matthew Vaughn has had anything to do with, let slip to DIY TV that his pal is indeed in line to helm the next Star Wars chapter. According to their Twitter, 'We chatted to the lovely Jason Flemyng who pretty much let slip that Matthew Vaughn will be on Star Wars IV duties oops! #Jameson7Psychos'. They then made sure to clarify that their Twitter skills are about as bad as their interviewing as the had to follow it up correcting themselves that they meant 'Episode VII' not 'IV' which would have required Vaughn to do some serious time travelling to accomplish.

So do we think Jason Flemyng, who appeared as that guy with no lines and a tail who kept vanishing and reappearing in the last X-Men movie knows what he's talking about? Possibly. But possibly not. Vaughn's name was thrown around very early on as a possible director for the sequel and his sudden abandonment of the X-Men franchise would suggest this. 

It might also explain why Vaughn dropped out of directing Kick-Ass 2 as well. With all the writers for the next three Star Wars films already announced by Disney/Lucasfilm and on board, it's only a matter of time before the studio denies or confirms the rumor.

Until then, let RedLetterMedia remind you of what we're not looking for in the new sequel trilogy.

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