Matthew McConaughey is a Bongo Playing Stoner in New Red Band Trailer for ‘The Beach Bum’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - January 23, 2019


If there's anyone in Hollywood with a rather cheeky, self-deprecating ability to poke fun at his past peccadilloes, it's Matthew McConaughey. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his role in Harmony Korine's new film The Beach Bum involves him playing the bongos, giving rambling speeches, and smoking copious amounts of weed, things the actor has gained some rather questionable notoriety for doing.

With a cast seemingly assembled thanks to random dart throws at a wall—Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffet, Martin Lawrence, and Jonah Hill—the film marks Korine's first feature since 2013's ultra divisive film Spring Breakers. This looks like a spiritual cousin to that film, only without all the leering at teenage girls in pastel colored bikinis that barely covered their bits.

McConaughey has a movie out this weekend titled Serenity that no one's going to go see, so it'll be nice to see him on the big screen again in March in much more familiar climes. It's not that I dislike "serious" Matthew McConaughey—he's tits in the first season of True Detective—it's just that I like this side of McConaughey so much more. This is a dude that I want to party with.

The Beach Bum starring Matthew McConaughey as Moondog hits select theaters starting March 29.