Matt Damon Is a Stupid Ass Face According to This Video

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bill-swift - August 8, 2013

Matt Damon is an ass face. Matt Damon is stupid. He has a friend named Ben who is also stupid.

If you agree with any of those statements, you're going to enjoy this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which Guillermo (the former parking attendant turned celebrity corespondent) continues the ongoing prank war between Kimmel and Matt Damon. Of course by 'prank war' I mean  'obviously staged nonsense,' but it's still entertaining. And if nothing else, at least Jay Leno isn't involved.
 The 'prank' also acts as a promotional tool for Damon's upcoming film Elysium, which hits theaters this Friday. So while Guillermo may attempt to mock and satirize celebrity culture, he's still just a cog in the Hollywood wheel. For shame, Guillermo!

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