The Brady Quinn Era Begins in Kansas City as Matt Cassel is Ruled Out of Week Six

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michael-garcia - October 12, 2012

Matt Cassel's concussion will keep him out of the Chiefs game with the Buccaneers this weekend, meaning Brady Quinn will get his first start for Kansas City. Chiefs fans have been growing louder and louder with their distaste for Cassel and the team's offensive struggles, so now they get their wish.

Someone even flew a plane over the stadium on Sunday with a banner begging the team to bench Cassel. Everybody loves the backup QB when the starter isn't getting the job done, but is Brady Quinn the answer the team has been looking for? His career stats don't make a very strong case that things will improve.

The Cleveland Browns took Quinn 22nd overall in the 2007 draft out of Notre Dame. In his rookie season, Quinn appeared in one game and went 3 for 8 for 45 yards.

Quinn played just little his second year, but then got nine starts in his third season. Brady went 2-7 in those starts, completing 53 percent of his passes for 1,339 yards with 8 TDs and 7 INTs. Not atrocious, but not exactly starting QB caliber, either. You have to also consider where he was playing. But that season was the last time that Quinn started a game. In fact, he hadn't even thrown a pass in the league since then until he came in to relieve the injured Cassel.

This is what you asked for, Kansas City. Maybe the fans bought into the preseason hype that some pundits were laying out, claiming that Kansas City was a legit Super Bowl contender. Matt Cassel may not be the franchise QB they were hoping for, but Brady Quinn isn't either.

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