Matt Cain’s Perfect Game Was a Masterpiece

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michael-garcia - June 15, 2012

That's an obvious headline, I know. There have only been 22 perfect games thrown in the history of Major League Baseball. It's pretty much the definition of 'rare.' To say Matt Cain has joined an elite club is an understatement for sure.

Everything has to come together for it to happen. Like a miraculous diving catch of a deep fly ball by Gregor Blanco. It was unbelievable that he got to that ball and made that catch. The final out was nearly the one that undid the perfecto. Third baseman Joaquin Arias hop-stepped backwards when he fielded it, and for a second you could feel thousand of stomachs in the park knot instantaneously. Then he threw a bullet to first to end the game.

Perfect. Not many things can get labeled as perfect, but Matt Cain's game last night was absolutely perfect.

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