Matilda Price Chesty Sheer Treats for Down Under Tingles

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bill-swift - July 4, 2015

How much do I love incredibly alluring Aussie models in super sheer tops showing off their fun bits? Well, what's the Down Under word for the size of the entire universe plus sixteen koalas strung side to side? That's how much I'm catatonically staring at Matilda Price waltzing in these sheer top modeling photos from Kevin Ohana. I mean, wow, this is the kind of stuff that makes me happy to get up in the mananas. 

It's easy to fall in lust. I get accused of falling heels over head far too easily. But what's not to love about lust? And longing for a girl like Matilda trying on tops at home without her bra and asking you if you can see her sweet teats too much? Of course you'll say no, even though you're thinking yes. Because, dammit, you're super polite and you want ever so badly to know what they taste like whilst making the sexy upside down on a swing hanging from your living room ceiling. A true gentleman at that. Blessedly hot, Matilda. We need to see much more of you, my darling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kevin Ohana