Mastermind Of The Day: Toshihiro Fujikuma – Nipple Man

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michael-garcia - September 22, 2016

In honor of the wayward criminals of the comedy, Masterminds, in theaters September 30, we're taking a look at some of our world's most inept, clumsy, and dumb-ass criminals.

I live in New York City and if there is one constant it is that the subway is full of perverts. Not being a woman I don't really get bothered myself but all of my female friends report regular harassment. But if things are bad here it is even worse in Japan. The Tokyo subway is infamous for being over-crowded and crawling with gropers. If you grope someone you are definitely in trouble. But what if you just stand there and rub your nipples? That's what Toshihiro Fujikuma did for years. He became famous all over Japan and was nicknamed "Nipple Man" because he would stare at women and rub his nips vigorously over his clothes. Technically, he wasn't breaking any laws. One of his victims described it,

"This jerk, is playing with both his nipples while staring at my face. The way he stares ― it’s creepy, right?"

Yes, yes it is. This has been going on since at least 2013. That's a lot of nipple chafing. It's not a surprise that this would happen in Japan. After all, they are really pioneers when it comes to perversion of all sorts. Toshihiro would have continued to get away with it had he not kicked it up a notch and started showing his butt to women. Once he started pulling his pants down he got busted for indecent exposure. The cops connected the dots and figured out that he was nipple man. I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to new laws against violent nipple tweaking in public. 

See the Masterminds trailer. 

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