Master Of Puppets Done With Sock Puppets

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michael-garcia - June 2, 2016

When I was in middle school I was really into Metallica. This was before they started to straight up suck, that is. The Black Album was the beginning of the end. While I don't hate it as much as some people, I do definitely feel it's when they decided to soften their sound a little bit. By the next few albums they completely devolved into late 90's douche metal. But I like to remember them for the band they once were. One of their best songs, in my personal opinion, is Master of Puppets. Not only does it rock my face off, it's also about puppets which I love. OK, it isn't really about puppets. But this version is. They've taken the tune of Master of Puppets and changed the lyrics to be more sock puppety. The result is pretty spectacular. 

Then again, I am of the opinion that sock puppets make everything better. 

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