Maryna Linchuk Flashing Her White Thong Booty on a Stroll in Miami

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bill-swift - October 26, 2013

Thank heavens for international models descending upon our fair shores with their thong bikinis and sweet hot expensive booties tushing to and fro along our sandy beaches. Not that Miami is hurting for hot girls, but the global throng in thongs is quite the addition to the visual landscape in Southern Florida.

I'm not going to say I weep every time a fine female butt struts by in a revealing bottom, but I do shed a tear thinking about a gracious Mother Nature and some very liberal laws regarding public exhibition. The result is a daily spectacular display of the sextastic that keeps our nation humming along with reproductive type activities. It's symbiosis that all begins with one sweet butt on the person of Maryna Linchuk.Enjoy.