Mary Carey Reminds You To Vote This Super Tuesday

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michael-garcia - March 3, 2016

One of our fundamental rights as Americans is that we get to pick our elected officials, at least more or less. Every few years we get to vote for who we think should lead us. It's what separates us from all of those countries around the worth where people suffer in silence under the jackboot of oppression. That's why Mary Carey wants to use her ample boobs and stripper moves to get people mobilized to go out and vote.

Mary herself once ran for Governor of the State of California and would've been amazing. She now hosts a radio show on Vivid Radio where she dispenses some wonderfully gifted mature themed entertainment.

The polls are open and her pole is greased for her to use. Mary has got an incredible pair of ta-tas that make anyone feel patriotic. Her booty also makes life worth living. It's seriously one of the classic butts of all time. 100% American grade A, my friend.

Seriously, if you live in a Super Tuesday state get out and vote. We'll be here with more pics of hot chicks and funny articles as a reward for you. 

Photo Credit: Splash