Marvel Commissions Captain America Statue In Brooklyn

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michael-garcia - July 6, 2016

Marvel has commissioned the creation of a Captain America statue in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. The 13 foot tall bronze statue will be created to commemorate Captain America's hometown of Brooklyn. That was before BK was taken over by hipsters with ironic mustaches riding penny farthings down Greenpoint ave. This was the stickball in the streets/working class neighborhood Brooklyn of the past. As Cap says in Captain America: The First Avenger "I’m just a kid from Brooklyn." Except that he's only from Brooklyn in the movies. In the comic books he is from Manhattan's Lower East Side. So, it's just a question about what is considered canonical now, movies or comic books. Usually, people would go with the comic books. But increasingly people are more familiar with the movies. Only hardcore nerds still actually read the print comics. Once you literally cast something in bronze, it's sort of permanent. In ten thousand years when our robot overlords dig up what was Prospect Park they will believe Captain America was from Brooklyn. 

I hope that the precedent of movies being the official canon doesn't also apply to DC Comic's movies. Because those suck some serious bat wiener. 

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