Martha Stewart Selling Affordable Footwear

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elliot-wolf - December 11, 2018

Martha Stewart is a weird one. But at least she keeps it realer than her other compadres.  Rachel Ray hasn’t got the guts to create a chanterelle dish from scratch while sitting next to Snoop Dogg. Or whip up a rainbow plate of parsnips while discussing with her insider source which stock she should dump before it tanks. Martha has moved on to shoes. Probably because she’s done everything else there is to do. So why not have your own signature line at Payless. Most of the women who watch Martha love to eat, and as a result suffer from sausage feet. It’s best she capitalizes from the opportunity before Jimmy Dean does.
Martha Stewart is taking her talents to the shoe department!

The lifestyle guru, 77, announced on Wednesday that she has partnered with Payless to launch an affordable line of footwear. The “Martha Everyday” collection will feature various types of “chic” and stylish shoes, including stilettos, flats, mules, and slingbacks.

“I am thrilled to partner with Payless to design a line of footwear that’s both beautiful and affordable,” Stewart said in a statement. “For as long as I’ve been in business my goal has been to deliver well-made, beautiful products to my audience, at the right price.”

I’m starting to accept the reality that celebrities attaching their names to products that you wouldn’t expect just works. People care about a celebrity supporting the product more than the actual product anyway. Do you think anyone wanted to buy a table top grill just because it made fatty foods more lean? No. But add George Foreman’s name, who’s a professional boxer not chef, and voila, over millions sold. I expect all the beefy women to go bananas over Martha Stewart’s bacon scented stilettos and homemade chicken pot pie pumps at an affordable Payless price point.

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