Martha Stewart Doesn’t Approve Of A Pothead Oprah

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elliot-wolf - May 18, 2018

It’s been circulating that Oprah is into really weed. And that has ruffled the feathers of few people and one upstanding flawless woman in particular, Martha Stewart. Most know Martha as the other white woman chef who would rather let rappers like Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross stuff her pie than offer them an employment opportunity as a plantation themed wedding like Paula Deen. Martha isn’t a racist, she’s just trying to get ahead in life. And sometimes getting ahead means insider trading, which Martha is totally into. Just as long as her illegal stock tips don’t come with invitations to smoke the Devil’s lettuce later.

Oprah is black, a woman, and worth over a billion dollars. The first two qualify her for victimhood but she still managed to make more money than she can spend in a lifetime. If she wants to roll up a joint, ingest an edible, do a dab, or take bong rips, it’s her prerogative. A billion dollars if enough money to purchase her local police station. Her secret grandchildren will never have to worry about stepping out of the car because the cop allegedly smelled marijuana. She’s alright in my book as long as she’s not cloud chasing vaping like the douchebags who never wear any baseball cap correctly and listen to Dubstep in 2018.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / Instagram