Maripily Rivera Puts Her Full Body Into Full Bodied Hotness Digital Magazine Launch

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bill-swift - January 16, 2015

Maripily Riverais the Puerto Rican former pageant winner turned rich guy heartthrob and entrepreneur. Including now launching her own digital magazine. Which I guess makes her just like me, only slightly more attractive and tons more boobtastic.

Maripily already has a fragrance and some other moneymaking ventures related to being an alluring celebrity with swelling bosom, now this magazine. She came out in strong funbag force at the announcement press conference, certain to get a few Latina hottie leerers visiting her new venture. Worked for me. I probably won't go in much for the diet and beauty tips, but if the warm weather fashions are modeled by Maripily herself, consider it bookmarked on my Apple Lisa. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash