Mario Madness: Who Knew Luigi Was a Parkour Master? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 30, 2013

Nobody, that's who. But hold on to your balls, because Nintendo have their weird- advertising-shenanigans hats on again.

It all began with Mr. Nintendo's recent epiphany: "Hold the ‘eff up!Perhaps we should, y'know, make some Wii U-centric commercials of some sort? That way --get this!-- people aware of the console's existence! Perhaps on that there telly-box, or the inter-nut or whatever it's called."

Those poor bastards are, as we know, advertising-impaired; surely a factor in the Wii U's craptacular performance (that is to say, in sales terms, it's been shuffling ineffectually like a one-legged kitten with a limp. That's been shot in the face). Recently, though, they've been making up for this oversight with some Grade A crazy.

In our meat-flavored report last week, we brought you Luigi cruising around Chicago in train form in the name of Super Luigi U. This time, he's showing his ball-busting parkour skills in
Finding Luigi- Legend of Parkour. You don't question this sort of oddity, you merely watch and enjoy.

Source: destructoid. Thanks, we think.

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