Mariana Davalos Goes Twinsless Sexy in Maxim Mexico

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bill-swift - March 8, 2011

I hear tell that one of the sexy Colombian Davalos twins might be out of the modeling game for a while by reason of baby-production; oh, whatever is a solo twin hottie to do? Well, I suppose a sextastic bathing suit spread in Maxim Mexico might just do the trick. Hey, the sexy celebrity world keeps on turning despite the powers of procreation. You can't deny the world your hotness just because your sister gets knocked up. No, indeed. This is the most appropriate, and, might I say, sexiest response possible. These Mariana Davalos pictures prove the cumulative theory of sexy mathematics, that one hot twin is more than half as hot as both together (okay, so maybe I've got my theories mixed up, I am riding a double day hangover of epic proportions). Enjoy.