Mariah Carey Vs Eva Longoria Bosomy Showdown

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bill-swift - June 2, 2016

Eva Longoria just got married. Mariah Carey recently got unmarried and now she's set to get married again. Oh, the whirlwind nuptials of the Forties and Faptastic set on Egotastic. The point is, it's high time to compare their bosoms in a little bit of a side by side comparisons. This is purely fantasy naturally as I'd motorboat either in a second even as my own child fell into a gorilla cage. Fend for yourself son, daddy's got real work to do here.

Both Eva and Mariah took advantage of the warming temps in the Northern hemisphere to don dresses that accentuated their positives. I'm fairly positive that this accentuation helped both to a long and ongoing still vibrant career in the entertainment business. We can pretend that funbags don't matter, but that's just pretend. And a kind I refuse to engage in. Let the boobtastic fly, ladies. There are ogling worlds to be conquered. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash