Mariah Carey Spills Out Of Her Swimsuit In Spain

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bill-swift - July 3, 2015

Mariah Carey has a plan. A plan to get the attention of the billionaire Aussie dude that lured her to the Spanish islands for the purposes of illicit interludes. Perhaps get him to notice her rather ample bosom in the various low cut and tiny tops she's been spilling out of this past week on the beach, yachts, and docks. I mean, it can't hurt, can it?

Not that Mariah is hurting for cash, but she is single again with no man around the house, and two fortunes are always better than one. Why not spill forth from the swimsuit and remind the gentleman suitor what lay in store for him when the commitment is real and the pre-nups have been legally certified. Big hearty chest fluffy funbags of a multi-platinum recording artist. That's a something. Love is overrated. Big bouncy melons on a world class diva are underrated. It all evens out somewhere along the way. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash