Maria Sharapova Bikini Tennis Body Hotness In Los Cabos

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bill-swift - March 28, 2016

Happy days when we get not one (Sabine Lisicki) but two darlings hot bodies of the women's tennis circuit to bare their bodies in bikinis on completely different sides of the continent. Maria Sharapova bikini body is tall and strong and quite well worth showing off down Mexico way where perhaps she went to escape notice following her ban from tennis while they figure out what the heck she was taking to give her an edge during a January tournament. You can do worse as far as hiding places than Los Cabos. Granted, you can't hide from our sneaky peeping cameramen in the bushes capturing your two-piece swimsuit preens and poses.

Of course, we've been leering up Maria's skirts and down her tennis tops for years now. That's a big part of her fan base, don't knock it. But the chance to see her off duty in a tiny bikini is the bomb. She's not a model per se, but then a perfectly slender model could never win all four tournaments of the tennis grand slam, let alone one. I stand with Sharapova. If she shares her drugs. I need some performance enhacement myself. Coffee and Captain's Morgan isn't working as well as it used to. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash