Maria Menounos Leather Pants Booty Meets Katherine Jenkins Boobtastic on the Set of Extra

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bill-swift - October 4, 2013

I guess you can learn lots of interesting and mildly amusing fun facts about celebrities by watching Extra. Or, you can just sit back and ogle the stream of hot talent that appear on the show, most notably when being interviewed by our Grecian goddesses Maria Menounos. You throw in Maria in tight leather pants and the proud chesty goodness of British singer Katherine Jenkins, and you have downright must-see TV.

I'm not suggesting that it's polite to stare at women's bodies when they are merely trying to do their job, or pimp their products. But I am suggesting that it's a perfectly natural response for which I give you a complete and total hall pass. See if that clears you with the wife and all. Enjoy.