Maria Jade Tans Her Gorgeous Bikini Body In Miami

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aldo-vallon - September 10, 2018

Often worry about seeing a porn star in real life. I have heard some of them say that men often stare at them without fully recognizing them. They think they know them, but cannot quite place from where. Then they are forced to work through their mental rolodex, trying to find the connection. Some do not figure it out until it is too late.

Those poor saps are usually with their girlfriends or wives. They walk up to the gorgeous lady and ask if they went to school together, or if they worked at the same company. If the porn star has a heart, she will agree. If she doesn’t, she will ruin that poor soul’s day. I don’t blame her for it. If I was a porn star I imagine there would be some fun to it.

I just know that I would be the guy who doesn’t recognize her until after I tell my girlfriend I know her from somewhere. I have tried to train myself into not thinking out loud like that because it has gotten me into trouble before, but I have yet to get it fully under control.


Photo Credit: MEGA