Margot Robbie Outstanding Performers Of The Year Award

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elliot-wolf - February 12, 2018

Margot Robbie looks marvelous in anything she wears. I was about as surprised as someone who found sand at the beach when I heard Margot was named most outstanding performer of the year. She’s just too much woman to not win an award just for breathing. Sometimes I stay up twisting and turning at night wondering how I could add value to her amazing life. I feel like I almost come up with an answer but it’s hard to be sure when Robbie went dressed as a gift to accept her award.

She’s basically the last present anyone would ever need. She could wear that outfit and put herself under the tree every December and every Christmas I’d be happier than a hound that just got a hold of a new bone. I remember those car commercials where someone would be excited seeing a new Mercedes outside in a bow. Nope, not me. I'd rather unwrap the gift of Margot. She’s obviously the best thing in a bow and out of the box. I wouldn’t need any more birthday gifts if Robbie could give herself to me every year on my big day. She easily wins the most outstanding woman award every day in my eyes.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA