Mara Teigen Shops Braless In Beverly Hills

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michael-garcia - August 29, 2016

Professional hot person and all around sexy beast Mara Teigen was seen cavorting around Beverly Hills without a bra. She had on a flimsy tank top with nothing on underneath. It must be cold in California because she's nippin' something serious. Mara has a nice pair of perkies that are exciting to watch bounce down the street unsupported. We report on a lot of trends in our coverage of celebrities here at Egotastic, and if I had to sum up this summer with one word it would be braless. All these young hotties have gone sans bra once the temperature gauge hit 80. I don't blame them. Being a dude that doesn't dress in women's clothing, (no judgement), I've never worn a bra but I can't imagine they are very comfortable. Throw off the shackles of the Man's oppressing your jugs and burn your bra like the did in the 70's, ladies. 

Mara is seriously hot, though. I really have to get out to LA more. Sure, we have plenty of sexy women in New York but the glorious thing about LA is that they show skin year round. It's about to be coat weather here. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet