Mara Teigen In Black Lingerie, It’s a Booty-ful Thing Alright

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bill-swift - July 10, 2015

Let's first confirm that Mara Teigen is no relation to Chrissy Teigen, other than I would like to see them giggling and trying on lingerie together and touching each other and more giggling, you know, like sisters do. Only now it's legal, since they're not blood. I mean, what's holding us back here, ladies. 

Mara is a young Cali girl model in her own right, making her way in this wild and crazy uphill battle of a world with nothing but one ridiculously hot body and a set of sultry looks that could get her free rides and Lotto scratchers from L.A. to N.Y. without having to ask anybody twice. She is one amazing bit of visual wonderment in black lingerie, flashing her sweet cheeks in this Jacob Dekat photoshoot. 

If there's one thing this would could use more of it, it's more Teigens. Bring them all on. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jacob Dekat