Mara Teigen Decked Out and Showing Off in L.A.

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bill-swift - July 13, 2017

They don't just pass out 800,000 Instagram followers to any old girl. Though it is almost entirely all girls. Go figure how that happened. Mara Teigen works for her social media lust list. The early-20-something model got a bump from her Jenner girl social connection, but the rest she built on her own. With a stacked body and a penchant to share it with the world of ogling gentleman. It seems so simple, yet so few reach the heights of Mara Teigen relative to the number who try so hard.

Mara was out and about in Los Angeles out for the evening and off her selfie spree, looking like one trillion dollars of boobtastic hotness in a low-cut little black dress. The brunette sextastic showcase siren worked her fine female form magic from car to restaurant with the all-important ten thousand paparazzi snaps in between. 

The world has changed. It's a digital social selfie jungle. The new queens of the jungle will be those with the jugs of fruitful passion and the most ardent desire. Good looks and a killer body alone will no longer be enough. Though they will still remain at 98% of what matters. Blessedly so. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Getty Images