Make An Impression: Beef Jerky Business Cards

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bill-swift - December 14, 2013

People are always saying that you only have one shot at making an impression. But we beg to differ. That might be true in the past, when business cards were white, plain, and boring. But not anymore, with the advent of LED-embedded cards and beef jerky business cards.

Yes, you read that right: business card made from beef jerky exist. It might be a good idea to have inedible backup cards made, so they can actually get in touch with you after they eat the first one.

  • Price: Pay–what–you–wish
  • Shipping: $5.60 USPS Priority domestic. Intl. avail.
  • Medium: 4" x 8" slab of jerky
  • Art: Black & white bitmap, whatever you can fit.

Check It Out: $Negotiable

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