Major League Baseball Might Not be Stuck in the Dark Ages

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michael-garcia - August 18, 2012

Despite Bud Selig's bizarre insistance earlier this summer that there was no need for more replay in the game because attendance was good, it looks now like MLB might be slowing crawling out of the dark ages.

A new report says that two replay systems will be installed and tested; one at Yankee Stadium and one at Citi Field, so that MLB can determine which system would best suit their needs. At Citi, they'll test the system used in tennis that helps with close calls on the lines. And at Yankee stadium they're going to try out the laser technology (futuristic!) that tracks golf shots for TV.

But before you get too excited, these aren't going to be used in games just yet, just tested. Then they're going to test them some more in minor league play. Then in November, they're going to present the results at the owner's meetings. Commish Selig says the league wants to improve calls on foul balls and trap catches, but there isn't a timetable for when these systems may (if ever) get used.


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