Maitland Ward’s Pumpkin Patch Pokies Will Get Your Gourd

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rusty-mattis - October 27, 2018

I have never been one for puns, it might be due to my lack of pun making ability. Not that I can't make them, it just takes me longer than most people to come up with a clever pun. But when I do have a pun, let me tell you it's pretty great. I spent all day staring at Maitland Ward enjoying a chilly day at the pumpkin patch and let me tell you, her pokies will get your gourd!

See, that one was pretty good. Not as great as Maitland Ward's pokies, but still I'm pretty proud of myself for that one. Not only do we get to share in the awesomeness of Maitland Ward wearing a tight, kind of see-through sweater with no bra, but I brought a smile to your face with a pretty clever pun. Yeah, puns like that and Maitland Ward's pokies don't come around all that often, but when they do it sure is a good time. Though, I think only part of that last statement is true. Maitland Ward has pokies a little more often than me coming up with clever puns. Oh well, we'd all rather have Maitland Ward pokies than puns.

Just like Halloween and pumpkin patches, my puns will only be here once a year. And that's okay, I can live with that. We can't all come up with puns as awesome as Maitland Ward's pokies now can we.

Photo Credit: Splash News