Maitland Ward Yellow Bikini Sweet Curviness at the Beach in Los Angeles

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bill-swift - August 2, 2014

The lovely Rachel from Boy Meets World (she'll always be that to me) was back on the beach in Southern California showing off her all grown up lady body in a yellow bikini that happily contained her copious curves. Maitland Ward hasn't been doing any film or TV work that we know of, but we've seen her working cosplay and public appearances at nerd conventions and in these memorable moments when we find her showing off her healthy female form at the beach.

Watching our favorite sextastic celebrities getting all grow'd up is kind of a treat for me. I do so love the more veteran hotties, and, as always, there are ever a crop of new hotties and starlets coming up the line. It's the Circle of Sextastic. I feel a song coming on. Enjoy.