Maitland Ward Ice Cream Licks

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michael-garcia - July 15, 2016

Everyone's favorite exhibitionist/former child star Maitland Ward knows that there is nothing better on a hot day than some ice cream with your cleavage showing. Maitland's ta-tas are the stuff of legend. They are so big they are almost too big...I mean, if too big were a thing. She was wearing a flannel shirt and no bra (natch) that was open to her abdomen. Naturally, the ice cream started melting and Maitland provocatively licked it up. She even licked some off of her funbags when they dripped down on them. You know you have some serious melons when they stick out so far that you can lick them. Pretty amazing. Of course, instead of cooling you down these pictures just make you feel hotter. 

I always had a thing for Maitland back in the Boy Meets World days. Everyone was all about Topanga but I was a Maitland fan. Somehow I knew what she would grow up to become. 


Photo Credit: Daily Celeb