Maitland Ward Dressed Up As ‘Red Sonja’ For The Long Beach Comic-Con

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bill-swift - September 30, 2014

The ever partially clad Maitland Ward showed off her inner warrior queen when she cosplayed as Red Sonja at the Long Beach comic-con. Some of you might be too young to remember Red Sonja. She was like a female Conan the Barbarian and was played by the statuesque hottie Brigitte Neilsen. She basically wore a dark age bikini and that's what Maitland is sporting. Maitland's breastplate offers little protection as it shows off quite a bit of her cleavage and sideboob. While this wouldn't help her in battle, it is nice to look at. Maitland has a fantastic rack and luckily she likes to show it off. The bottom essentially leaves her booty hanging out of the back and just barely covers up her lady bits. I wish more hot women would cosplay as sexy women from fantasy and sci-fi. Imagine Alessandra Ambrosio or Chrissy Teigen as slave metal bikini Princess Leia.

Now that would be worth the price of admission to a comic-con and would allow all of those nerds to see a partially naked woman maybe for the only time in their lives.