Maitland Ward Chesty Goodness in Selfie Form

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bill-swift - March 2, 2017

Maitland Ward is one generous woman. Blessed with the cans of Athena, or Athena's busty little sister she had banished to the Underworld because she was jealous, Maitland routinely, regularly, and righteously shares her blessed queen sized funbags with the world via her social media accounts. It's free, by golly. Buxom see-through and sweet hanging fruit free.

We had the opportunity to meet Maitland in person and, what a lady. The curves are never ending. In the very least you should try tracing them with your mind to see if you can find any conclusion. I suspect your answer will be the same as many and therefore please conduct your tracing with the door locked and the shades pulled. This is enough mammarial goodness to make a man smile for days on end. Bless your big heart, Maitland. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Instagram/Snapchat