Maitland Ward Boobtastic Babe on Social

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bill-swift - February 16, 2017

Maitland Ward has at least a couple big reasons to follow her visual antics on social media. And she's not afraid to use them. Or show them off on Snap and Instagram where the former Boy Meets World thespianic brings attention to her helluva hooters. It's all about changing the tops from small to smaller.

Maitland has been a friend of Egotastic since just about forever. If you think that's because we revel in the opportunity to stare deep into her motorboat worthy magnificent melons, you're probably onto something. Though I'd still deny it in court. As if they could find me. Maitland, you're doing the Lord's work. Eyes everywhere. Always be showing off. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Instagram/Snapchat