Maitland Ward and Her Bodacious Bosom Steal the Red Carpet

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bill-swift - October 11, 2014

It was called the Star Magazine Scene Stealers event. I'm not exactly sure what that meant in the context of the event, but I am fairly certain former Boy Meets World cast member Maitland Ward and her bosom of splendiferousness absolutely stole the scene. Wow, she is what my Uncle Festus used to call stacked, jacked, and racked. Festus could rhyme like an MC. He just couldn't keep a beat.

Maitland Ward and her chestal bounty has been making the rounds of late at Comic-Cons, special screenings, and now this promotional event. You almost have to have her and her cleavage at your event if you want to signal you're having real grown up party. I so badly want to attend a real grown up party with Maitland as my date. I don't see why this can't happen. I wold need to borrow a tie from somebody. Enjoy.