Maisie Williams Stunning at the Q Awards

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aldo-vallon - October 19, 2017

 Normally I frown upon actors and singers mingling together, branching out into an artform they have no business being in, but I will take any opportunity to see more of Maisie Williams. Don't understand what I mean? Take a moment to remember all of the cringeworthy performances of singers taking roles in major movies, or actors releasing an album. There is only one that success story that comes to mind that I can think of, that being Jennifer Lopez. I am still uncertain as to whether she was a singer who became an actress, or an actress who became a singer. All I really know is that she is still Jenny from the block and that she used to have a little, but now she has a lot.

I understand that celebrities need to show their face to remain relevant and that is probably the reason for Maisie showing up at the Q Awards, but I do hope she refrains from a pop career. The risk is simply too great. When you are blessed with the springboard of a major television series early on in your career, you ride the sucker for as long as you can. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid