Maia Mitchell Booty Cheeks Down Under

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bill-swift - June 14, 2016

When an Aussie brunette comes along that rocks your world, it's a true thing indeed. Maia Mitchell, child actress turned teen thespianic turned young 20-something hottie, you have to stand erect and take notice. Maia has without being quite exhibitionist enough for us, managed to turn heads with her sweet alluring girl next door vibe that hopefully someday extends to be in my own door, because I do rake leaves to generate good feelings.

Featured in this Simone Faoro decidedly sextastic shoot, Maia shows you why good girls gone a bit naughty remains the height of passion inducement as the Down Under hottie shows off her down under booty cheeks in a strikingly memorable bit of visual wonderment. What comes next, Maia? I'm a man of great appetites and very poor credit. That makes me dangerous. Do you like dangerous men? What about just broke and eating sugar cereals? Thanks, you're sexy too. More of this please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Simone Faoro