Mai Nishida Is Back to Bring Eastern Sextastic Fantasy Out West

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bill-swift - March 12, 2013

When last we say Japanese celebrity model Mai Nishida, well, we were doing some truly horrible things to ourselves. The kind of things Friar Bendazzo used to tell me would make me go blind and go to Hell. The double whammy, unless you consider being blind not such a bad thing in Hell. I mean, Satan would be tempting you with all sorts of cruelties that you could more easily ignore. But, the good Friar was more of an ideas guy than a thoughtful planner.

And, now, once again ,we are faced with a gallery full of some amazing looks at the busty Asian sextastic of Mai Nishida. I liked to think we've matured in our thoughts and deeds since the last time, but being completely realistic, I think we're in for another round of sinful behavior.

Some men are strong in the face of temptation, and some just like to turn on a Roxette power ballad and get down to business. Enjoy.

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