Magdalena Frackowiak Strikes Beaches Poses So Sextastic, You Will Likely Ruin Your Carpet

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bill-swift - February 18, 2014

I can't believe I said I was in total lust with Magdalena Frackowiak before I even ever saw these Miami Beach photos of the crazy hot Polish model superstar. What did I know of lust then? I was like a child  filled with juvenile wonderment. Today, looking at Magdalena in her various little tops and bikinis and preening and posing her faptastic body, today, I am a man with lust in my heart, pumping out to every other station of my human form. Just so damn hot, I think I might actually shed a tear for the first time since the NFL conference championship weekend when I lost both my bets.

Magdalena, you are absolutely killing me. Please, don't stop. I'd rather die happy than live in a world without your bikini booty looking so perfectly pouty. Enjoy.