Madonna Naked By Popular Demand

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Lex Jurgen - May 8, 2017

It's hard to know by what standards to judge a naked 58-year old woman. That's why we've decided as a society not to see them. The same for teens and kids. It's not healthy for any us, despite what AARP says about the former, and middle school PE coaches say about the latter. 

Madonna isn't any ordinary fifty-eight-year-old woman. She's one who's battered and reshaped her body through immense amounts of plastic surgery, strenuous exercise, and bizarre dietary habits. It's more like looking at a modernist art. You don't understand it, but if you're with a date, label it thought provoking and hope that's enough to get you laid.

Madonna posted a series of nude but slightly obscured photos to Instagram. You're supposed to say how amazing she looks for her age. She didn't post them because she thinks she looks awful. If you like a woman who resembles the Hulk as he shrinks back into Banner, lock all your doors and go to town. 

Madonna's pissed about her unauthorized bio pic. Especially now that Paris Jackson is said to be the lead for the role of Madonna when she was fuckable. That's going to put the movie on the map. There aren't many ways to change the subject. Being an old lady who takes her clothes off is one of them. She already played that kill the President thing. A little self-immolation wouldn't hurt as a next.


Photo Credit: @madonna / Instagram

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