Madison Beer Daisy Duke Hot Cheeks at Car Wash

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bill-swift - September 26, 2017

Madison Beer I will remind you is a music star without any music. Since being called out by Justin Bieber four year ago as a young teen talent on the move, she's yet to record a promise album. Unclear why as pop music talent is not even a requirement for pop music stardom. Most especially not when you look like now late teen Madison Beer. That body alone should be certified platinum.

The hot girl about town as is her current role, took to the car wash in a pair of Daisy Dukes short enough to provide a glimpse of her barely legal buns, enough to get my hose spraying if you get my metaphor. And how can you not, mine are made by an idiot. The brunette stacked sextastic wonder looked the perfect image of California beach babe, whilst cleaning a vehicle provided for by simple potential opportunity.

Madison Beer may not have produced any music, but I list her on my Top 5 favorite fine female form music stars list. You can imagine the auto-tune simplistic ditty in the background. I'll imagine those short shorts shimmying down her gams. We all have are specific areas of interest. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid