Madison Beer Boobtastic Hot Babe Night Out

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bill-swift - September 1, 2017

Going out last night seemed to be the thing to do if you're extraordinarily hot and racktastic. The warm L.A. weather provided zero need for covering for Tinsel Town hotties to make their way to various nightclubs and evening restaurants amid the social scene.

Madison Beer never gets carded one would presume. Not with that killer curvaceous late teen body and the entourage that surrounds her. A low cut lingerie top out on the town opens many doors for young singers without any songs like Madison. I know I'd open the door for her. Even if I had to bust it down with my back cricket shoulder.

Madison Beer has absolutely every right to walk about like she owns this world. She certainly owns mine. I could care less if she never produces an album. She's my songbird. I can hear the melody in my head as I imagine her disrobing and entering my hot tub. Well, not so much a hot tub as an actual bath, shower bath. But we could fit. Or I'll break it and make it bigger. Anything for you, Madison. My sextastic funbag blessed muse.


Photo Credit: Backgrid