Madison Beer Barely Covered Bazoongas in Black Leather Top

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bill-swift - September 6, 2017

Madison Beer gets out there and gets noticed. There's no doubt the teen phenom of music without any music to her name is one of the more photogenic funbag blessed young celebrities about town. Any town.

Madison routinely hits the nightspots now in the summer with her best foot, and or jugs, well forward. This time, lighting up the evening with a leather pants and bra top thingamajig that bared so much skin that I passed out the first four times I leered at her brunette hotness. The fifth time I suffered another involuntary bodily response and was far more pleased.

The sweet mams on this future music star are more than impressive. She could do worse than wearing barely covering leather tops over her melons and doing laps around the block where the paparazzi and other stars hang out. More of this, less of the clothes, and her star meter is only going to continue to skyrocket. At some point, we'll even forget to remember what made her famous in the first place. And that's more than okay when you look like this. Racktastic hotties need no excuse. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News