Mackenzie Rosman is Kissing Girls. With Tongue

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bill-swift - May 27, 2008

You may remember Mackenzie Rosman from the WB show Seventh Heaven, but from now on, you'll remember her from these pictures where she's sticking her tongue down another girl's throat. Now, I doubt Mackenzie is actually a lesbian, and is probably just going through that "lesbian phase" all 19-year-old girls go through, but since she's "famous," and from a wholesome TV show like 7th Heaven, it just gets that much sexier.

Also included is a naughty picture of Mackenzie Rosman in her underwear, taken at an earlier date. We posted that one more to illustrate the point, and also give you a clear look at her face, since you can't see it that well in the other photos. Also, she's in her underwear, if you hadn't noticed.