Luisano Lopilato Changes Clothes and Cleavage At the Beach

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bill-swift - March 13, 2013

Let's be straight about this, it's simply not right or proper to stand openly and stare at a woman, hot or not, changing her clothes at the beach. Which is why, as gentlemen, we always hide behind a beach umbrella or pretend to be playing Frisbee with a nearby kid whilst we ogle the ladies changing in and out of their beach wear.

Including Luisano Lopilato, the wicked hot Argentinean model and wife of lucky bastard, Michael Buble. We didn't get to see any full monty from Luisano on Miami Beach, but just seeing her peeking at her own funbags in utter wonderment, precisely what we were doing ourselves, well, I like to think we had a special moment together. Well, perhaps more special for me. Enjoy.

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