Luisa Zissman Busting Out of Her Bikini in Marbella

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bill-swift - August 17, 2013

U.K. Apprentice finalists Luisa Zissman wasted no time in showing why business acumen alone won't make you king of the hill, but that and a big pair of knockers in a showy bikini by the pool in Spain, well that's another matter altogether.

There has been a bunch of gossip floating around of late about Luisa hitting on, if not straddling, millionaires and she looks to take her new TV fame to the next level. But who has time for gossip when you're busy tilting your gaze up and down over her curvaceous form as she climbs in and out of the water in Marbella.

Plus, I never judge a woman by rumors I hear about them. I try my best to judge her by her exemplary T & A. Because I am a civilized brute. Enjoy.